Auto repair factory auto parts maintenance 10 need to pay attention to

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1, afraid of "dirty"
If the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter and various types of filters are too dirty, the filtration effect will be worse, and too much impurities will enter the oil cylinders, which will intensify. The wear of the parts increases the possibility of failure; if it is severely blocked, it will also cause the vehicle to not work properly. Parts such as the water tank heat sink, the air-cooled engine block and the cylinder head heat sink, and the cooler heat sink are dirty, which may result in poor heat dissipation and high temperature. Therefore, such "tough" parts must be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner.
2, afraid of "hot"
If the engine piston temperature is too high, it will easily lead to overheating and melting, and the cylinder will be overheated; rubber seals, triangle tapes, tires, etc. will overheat, easy to premature aging, performance degradation, shortened service life; starter, generator, regulator and other electrical equipment The coil is overheated, extremely easy to burn and scrapped; the vehicle bearing should maintain proper temperature, such as overheating, the lubricant will quickly deteriorate, eventually causing the bearing to burn and the vehicle to be damaged.
3, afraid of "string"
Various coupling parts in the diesel fuel system, the main driven gear in the transaxle final drive, the hydraulic control valve block and the valve stem, the valve core and the valve sleeve in the full hydraulic steering gear, etc. After special processing, it is ground in pairs, and it is very precise. It is always used in pairs during the life of the product. It is not interchangeable. Some mutual matching parts, such as piston and cylinder sleeve, bearing bush and journal, valve and valve seat, connecting rod head cover and shaft, etc., after a period of grinding cooperation, relatively good cooperation, should also pay attention to maintenance In pairs, don't "slam" each other.
4, afraid of "reverse"
The cylinder head gasket of the engine can not be reversed during installation. Otherwise, the cylinder head gasket will be prematurely ablated and damaged. Some special shape piston rings should not be reversed. It should be assembled according to the requirements of different models; the engine fan blades also have direction when installed. It is required that the fan is generally divided into two types: exhaust and suction, which cannot be reversed. Otherwise, the engine will be poorly cooled and the temperature will be too high. For tires with directional patterns, such as herringbone tires, the ground marks after installation should make people The tip of the word points to the back to ensure maximum driving force. For the two tires that are installed together, different models have different requirements and cannot be installed at will.
5, afraid of "lack"
When repairing a vehicle, some small pieces may be negligently leaked. Some people even think that it doesn't matter if they are loaded or not. This is very dangerous and harmful. Engine valve locks shall be installed in pairs. If missing or missing, the valve will be out of control and the piston will be damaged. Engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, split pins installed on the drive shaft bolts, locking screws, fuses or Spring washers and other anti-loose devices, if leaked, may cause serious failures during use; if the oil nozzles used to lubricate the gears in the engine timing gear chamber are leaked, it will cause serious oil leakage at the engine. The oil pressure is too low; the water tank cover, the oil port cover and the fuel tank cover are lost, which will invade sand and dust, and aggravate the wear of various parts.
6, afraid of "oil"
The engine dry air filter paper filter has strong hygroscopicity. If it is stained with oil, it will easily inhale the mixture with higher concentration into the cylinder, resulting in insufficient air volume, increased fuel consumption and reduced engine power. The diesel engine may also Causes "speeding"; if the triangular tape is stained with oil, it will accelerate its corrosion and aging, and at the same time, it will easily slip, resulting in reduced transmission efficiency; brake shoes, dry clutch friction plates, brake bands, etc., if oiled Liquid, prone to slippage, poor work, thus threatening driving safety; starter motor and generator carbon brush, etc., oil stains may result in insufficient power of the starter motor and low generator voltage due to poor contact. Tire rubber is very sensitive to oil corrosion. Contact with oil can soften or peel the rubber. Short-term contact can cause abnormal damage or even serious damage to the tire.
7, afraid of "washing"
Some people who are getting started with a car or a beginner's repair may think that all the parts need to be cleaned. In fact, this understanding is one-sided. For the paper air filter of the engine, when removing the dust on it, it can't be cleaned with any oil. Just tap it with a hand or high-pressure air can be blown out from the inside of the filter element; for cortical parts, it is not suitable. Clean with oil, just wipe it off with a clean cloth.
8, afraid of "pressure"
If the tire tires are stored for a long time and are not turned in time, they will be deformed by extrusion and affect the service life; the paper filter of the air filter and fuel filter will have a large deformation if squeezed. It can not reliably play the role of filtration; rubber oil seals, triangle tapes, oil pipes, etc. can not be squeezed, otherwise deformation will occur, affecting normal use.
9, afraid of "near fire"
Rubber products such as tires, triangle tapes, cylinder block water blocking rings, rubber oil seals, etc., if they are close to the fire source, will be prone to deterioration or damage, and may also cause fire accidents. Especially for some diesel cars, it is difficult to start in the cold winter. Some drivers often use blowtorch to heat, and must prevent burnt lines and oil circuits.
10, afraid of "repetition"
Parts should be used at one time, but individual drivers or repairers are re-used in order to save or not understand the "contraindications", which can easily lead to accidents. In general, the engine connecting rod bolts, nuts, imported diesel engine injector fixing bolts, cylinder sleeve water blocking ring, sealing copper pad, hydraulic system various oil seals, sealing rings and pin parts, cotter pins and other parts of important parts are disassembled. After that, it is necessary to replace the new product; for the engine cylinder head gasket, although no damage is found during the inspection, it is better to replace the new product, because the old product has poor elasticity, poor sealing, easy to ablate and damage, and it needs to be replaced after a long time, which is time-consuming and laborious. If you have new products, try to replace them as much as possible.

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