The owner must see how to distinguish the true and false of auto parts?

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When it comes to counterfeiting, the more products users can't directly feel, the more prone to fakes, the auto industry can't avoid. Because of the low cost of fraud and high profits, there are always people who are rushing to make it hard to prevent.
First oil
Motor oil is a fast-moving consumer goods in the automobile market. The owner of a car is generally about twice a year. Inferior engine oil is easy to accelerate the vehicle, such as weak machine, heavy car, frequent flameout, jitter, high fuel consumption, etc. Long-term use of fake goods is more harmful to the engine. Endangering vehicles and personal safety.
The owner must see how to distinguish the true and false of auto parts?
Genuine oil is transparent and free of impurities, no suspended matter precipitates, no odor, good fluidity when shaking, and high clarity.
Inferior motor oil often has a dull color, has doubts, is pungent, and has poor fluidity when shaken, or has a brushing phenomenon by hand.
Second oil filter
The filter element is the easiest to falsify. The density of the fake goods is large, the fluidity is poor, the internal process is rough, and the time will rust. The filter element is easily detached after being soaked by the oil, causing damage to the fuselage.
The owner must see how to distinguish the true and false of auto parts?
Authentic filter has a hard plastic bracket at both ends to fix each folding filter paper, and at the same time it plays a sealing role. The filter paper fiber is fine and the filtering effect is good; it is beneficial to prolong the service life of the engine.
The inferior filter filter paper is fixed by the plastic ring at both ends, and the sealing ring is not good, which directly leads to oil leakage or even pulling the cylinder.
Third brake pad
As one of the most important accessories of the car, the brake pad is closely related to the life of the owner. Some black-hearted merchants also recommend their customers for their conscience.
The owner must see how to distinguish the true and false of auto parts?
Authentic high-quality brake pads are particularly particular about the proportion of materials used in friction materials. The appearance is full of color, and there will be a smooth touch, which will not easily fall off paint and work well.
The surface of inferior brake pads is prone to rust, the surface of the friction surface is uneven, the grooves are irregular, the workmanship is rough, and the quality is poor. Among the traffic accidents that occur every year in the country, 30% are caused by inferior brake pads and endanger personal safety.
Fourth antifreeze
Antifreeze has an important role of antifreeze, cooling and anti-corrosion. Inferior antifreeze not only easily blocks the pipeline, but also has strong corrosiveness, which easily damages the cylinder and affects the performance and service life of the automobile engine.
The owner must see how to distinguish the true and false of auto parts?
The antifreeze has a boiling point higher than 107 °C and has no irritating odor. The anti-freezing ability of the hand-lubricated antifreeze is related to its color depth.
Inferior antifreeze has a low boiling point and a pungent taste. Some unscrupulous merchants add pigment to inferior products. These unqualified inferior antifreezes not only easily block the pipeline, but also damage the cylinder and affect the performance and use of the engine. life.
Fifth wiper
The price of the wiper is low, ranging from tens to 100. It is the hardest hit area for counterfeiting. Counterfeit and inferior wipers often have problems such as dirty, abnormal noise and worn front glass when used.
The owner must see how to distinguish the true and false of auto parts?
After the wiper strip is touched, there will be black powder (graphite) left on the hand, and there is a red bushing in the shaft hole, the metal base;
Inferior wiper strips are rigid, workmanship is rough, plastic base. Touch the surface of the rubber wiper with your hand. If there is no elasticity or even cracks, it must be a poor quality product.
Sixth spark plug
Ignition is the use of high-voltage electrical energy breakdown of the ignition coil to activate the surrounding combustion particles, forming a flame core, and the flame core re-transmits to ignite the surrounding combustible gas. If the "spark plug" flashover gap is too small, the ignition capacity will be weak and the mixture cannot be ignited. If the "spark plug" flashover gap is too large, the breakdown voltage needs to be large, and if the ignition coil cannot be provided, the breakdown cannot be formed.
The owner must see how to distinguish the true and false of auto parts?
Authentic; to distinguish the true and false of the spark plug, just look at the thread of the spark plug is not smooth, do not tie the hand, shake the terminal screw cap by hand, under normal circumstances, the screw cap is very stable and not loose.
The electrode of the inferior spark plug is asymmetrical to the metal casing, the glaze on the surface ceramic insulator is uneven, and the solder joint is rough.
In addition to the above identification methods, the owners should remember not to be cheap, after all, buying auto parts is not only the product, but also the safety of the entire car.
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